EurAsia Students

EURASIA DANCE PROJECT INTERNATIONAL NETWORK directed by Stefano Fardelli is giving the chance to take the audition for the biggest academies of Europe in Asia, Middle East, America and Africa without flying abroad, in this way students can save a lot of money and time….and not only this….to receive a scholarship in Europe is very hard, but all the students selected during the EurAsia Auditions win a 50% / 80% scholarship for all the three year program. Once the students have been selected, they will be part of EurAsia International Network, so they can be chosen for international exchange studying programs between the academies that are part of EurAsia and also for dance contests, artistic residencies, festivals, shows, all the EurAsia activities, dance opportunities for the biggest dance realities of the world during their professional training and also after that and of course for Stefano FardelliĀ“s dance projects all over the world. Stefano Fardelli is not only giving the chance to be trained at the highest level but also help his dancers to build up a career supporting their talent constantly and introducing them to the international dance network.