Art Heritage Exchange 2020/21

DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami / Milan, and EurAsia Dance Project International Network directed by Stefano Fardelli present Art Heritage Exchange, a project involving personalities of the world of culture and supported by the Italian Cultural Institutes of the countries where EurAsia operates and by the network DanceHaus.

16 countries, 62 dancers and 5 continents involved!

The Project stems from the desire to explore together the concept and meaning of the word “classic” by addressing the diversity of cultures and countries of the young people involved.
Through online round tables, dancers will be guided in the creative process and will result in a video-performance that will have its world premiere in the DanceHaus spaces in Milan, before touring all over the world through the EurAsia Network.
Through “lectio magistralis” held by many international experts in the university and art fields, dancers will have the opportunity to refine their definitions and examples of classicism in the various forms of art of their original cultures.
An exciting exchange and construction of a very original puzzle consisting of music, costumes, images, writings, places for “creation”. At this particular moment in history, when distances seem insurmountable, Art Heritage Exchange, offers a new generation of artists the possibility of being close and so to make their diversity their strength.
The project contributes to promoting the identity and values of the European Union. Furthermore, the COVID 19 pandemic has strongly affected the field of culture. Art Heritage Exchange aims to improve support for cultural activities, adapting to new boundaries related to pandemic response such as social distancing. It also explores new ways to support such exchanges through virtual mobility.
On June 30th, the spaces of the EurAsia Partner DanceHaus in Milan opened their doors to welcome an evening that celebrates a year of work on the special project Art Heritage Exchange, a collaboration between DanceHaus and EurAsia Dance Project International Network. 

During last 8 months, 60 dancers among the DanceHaus & EurAsia students, coming from all over the world, worked online, directed by Susanna Beltrami, Stefano Fardelli and Lorenzo Conti, on an international exchange project around the concept and meaning of the word “classic”, together with special guests and cultural professionals.

For the premiere, in connection by Zoom with the 10 countries involved, the final results of this collective work was finally presented, with live performances and video productions curated by the participants!

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