about us

EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, has more than 20 EurAsia Partners across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific States and Central America. It has become one of the biggest dance networks worldwide and one of the cultural \”bridges\” linking the five continents. It Is supported by the Europe Union DelegationItalian EmbassyItalian ConsulateGerman Consulate and Italian Cultural Institute in the countries where it is based, and also by the EurAsia Partners, governments and institutions, both public and private.

EurAsia Dance Project International Network is a Non Profit Association legalized by the Italian Government: it is a great opportunity for dancers and choreographers of any origin. 

The EurAsia Auditions are also on tour in the poorest and most dangerous countries of the globe in order to give a chance to all those kids who share our same passion, helping them to fight for a better life and to fulfill their dream of becoming professional dancers. It enables them to study abroad and spread out their culture, share their experiences, giving them access to artistic residencies, meetings, shows and dance opportunities at the highest level of the global dance scene.

The network wants to be a chance for cultural exchange and cultural meetings. It allows these students to take auditions for the biggest academies of Europe without flying abroad. The students selected during the EurAsia Auditions win a 25% – 50% – 80% – 100% EurAsia Scholarship for all the 3/4 year professional training program: all dance academies partnering with us issue an internationally recognized degree.

After being selected, students become EurAsia Students getting the chance to be chosen for international exchange study programs, as well as for dance contests, artistic residencies, international festivals and other dance opportunities abroad, granted by all the EurAsia Partners.
All the EurAsia initiatives in Europe are free of charge for the EurAsia Students. EurAsia is taking care of everything they need.

Once they finish their professional training, our students turn into EurAsia Dancers having the chance to work with the biggest international dance companies, EurAsia Partners, and of course for EurAsia Repertory and Stefano Fardelli’s projects on tour all over the world.

Europe has the highest quality of contemporary dance because Ballet and Contemporary dance comes from Europe itself.
As we have the best training and the best dance companies we do maintain a high level. That’s why it is very difficult to be selected and be part of this process, that opens doors for those who want to start a professional career in this field. The biggest dance companies searching for new dancers, they plan a call audition in order to select them: but they invite only dancers with a three years European standard professional training, plus two/three years of experience after the academy. So it’s easy to understand that the majority of candidates from the rest of the world are automatically rejected if we don’t give them the chance to have the right dance education as only their traditional dances are not enough / required for working in the international network.

All the EurAsia Partners, selected through Stefano Fardelli collaborations and picked because of the quality of work they provide, all have one annual fixed commitment with EurAsia. Our non-European partners give their talents the chance to be selected, and our European partners give them the chance to study and to work professionally. Each institution partner is taking care of the specific events / opportunity organized / given in its own country. 
The partner becomes the landmark of EurAsia in its own region, representing their countries in the world through the Network, and so all the dancers coming from their region or the neighboring countries will approach that institution in order to attend the annual EurAsia Events.

The common aim is to create a new future for the talents coming from their countries, based on the meeting and the sharing of different cultures, in order to give birth to a new way to make dance and art in the world through one of the biggest dance networks ever.

More than 20 dance reality partners, coming from all five continents, decided to support the Project and be part of it, creating a link between the different corners of the globe and breaking down the walls that divide us. 

EurAsia is creating the first generation of contemporary professional dancers in many countries of the world, changing the dance history of these countries but also helping them to spread out their cultures abroad, breaking the borders between the continents.

Thanks to these new cultural meetings and fusions, EurAsia also gave birth to a new taste in contemporary dance, where different bodies, different ways of moving and traditional dances meet in one single place: Europe.

EurAsia is the first dance network ever that is taking care of the education, in the dance field, at the professional level, of the talents coming from all over the world, giving them the chance to proceed in this career.

EurAsia is the first network ever that combines art, human rights, education, safeguarding the cultural heritage in one huge project involving hundreds of different people and many countries in all the five continents.

The Network gives voice to hundreds of souls that are just waiting for someone to help them fulfill their dreams.The limits of these people, often, are in the socio-religious-economic issues due to their origins. The Artistic Director has risked his own life many times by going to some countries where dance is punished with death. The students selected are now in Europe studying what they love most without being terrified of being captured and arrested.

The Project is giving the opportunity to many young people to chase their passions, to avoid a life of repression and disappointment: we support them in their personal and artistic growth and accompany them towards success, helping them to fulfill their dreams, which seemed so far before we came to rescue.

The events and the artistic exchanges carried out with EurAsia are important and successful, but what will be remembered the most, in the future, is the fact that this project has created – through dance – the basis for new mergers.

Helping our community through professional and personal change is the lifeblood of EurAsia, removing barriers to career progression, enabling career sustainability and creating long term dance opportunities. We support all students or professional dance artists regardless of geographical location, age or genre.

We aim to foster a culture of commitment to self-development, learning and growth.

Stefano Fardelli is sure that freedom, passion and love, sooner or later, conquer all.