Eurasia Students Exchange

EurAsia Student Exchange 2023: Hamburg to Milan

After the exchange in Berlin, EurAsia Dancers Anand Dhanakoti, originally from India, and Lourdes Maldonado, originally from Mexico, reached Milan in Italy.

Both of them have been EurAsia Students at our partner CDSH-Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany, for their three years professional program.

EurAsia Student Exchange 2023: Berlin

This 2023 the Exchanges begin with EurAsia Dancer Pooja Sabarinath travelling from Hamburg to Berlin.

Pooja, selected through the Indian EurAsia Auditions in 2018, studied and recently graduated as an EurAsia Student at our partner CDSH-Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany.

She is now in Berlin for extra training at Tanzakademie Balance1, our second partner in Germany, with a 100% scholarship.

EurAsia Students Exchange 2022

Eurasia students exchange 2022 After two years of suspension in order to protect the safety of our students and due to all travel restrictions during the pandemic, last weekend we finally started a new EurAsia Students Exchange. The EurAsia Students Exchange 2022 begins with three of our EurAsia Students, who are currently studying at one …

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EurAsia Students Exhange 2019

EURASIA STUDENTS EXCHANGE 2019 Every year the EurAsia Students from the Dance Academy Partners in Europe travel abroad because of the EurAsia Student Exchange, and study in a foreign school for a couple of weeks. The Academy’s Artistic Directors and Stefano Fardelli select students from each program, from the second year onwards, giving priority to the …

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EurAsia Student Exchange 2018

On the 15th of October 2018 started the first EurAsia Student Exchange in Europe, within the EurAsia International Network directed by Stefano Fardelli, that runned till the 2nd of November 2018.  The CDSH Contemporary Dance School of Hamburg in Germany and the Dance Haus of Milan directed by Susanna Beltrami in Italy will exchange their …

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