EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, has more than 25 EurAsia Partners across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific States and Central America. It has become one of the biggest dance networks worldwide and one of the cultural bridges linking the five continents. 


As the EurAsia Dance Project International Network brings together people of different backgrounds and origins, it is evident that our community is based on diversity: a key element that has always given greater strength to the entire Project and therefore means richness to us.
Different cultures, political opinions, religions, philosophies and genders coexist in the EurAsia Community, demonstrating that through the fundamental respect for the freedom of expression of others, we can coexist peacefully, helping each other and growing much stronger and richer than before, spreading an important message of solidarity for all those communities where “understanding” is still far away.


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