EurAsia Auditions on Tour in Mexico 2024


The EurAsia Auditions On Tour in Mexico are brought by EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, in partnership with FDR Dance of San Luis Potosí.

The total value of the scholarships, which will be brought to Mexico this 2024, amounts to 200.000,00 Euro: Stefano Fardelli is not obliged to hand over all the scholarships, but will only award those students who are ready for this opportunity up to the maximum amount indicated here above.

In what parts of the world are they held? 

The EurAsia Auditions On Tour take place in various countries of the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Gambia, India, Senegal, Armenia, Lebanon, and many others.
How will they be celebrated on our continent? 
In its 6th consecutive year, FDR Dance is revolutionizing the formats of the EurAsia Auditions On Tour 2024 with seven talented dancers (listed at the bottom of this page) who have participated in previous editions and are currently enjoying scholarships abroad. 
Our goal is to expand participation to dancers from various federative entities and nationalities of Central and South America. This year, we are raising the standard of our auditions by implementing an online pre-selection process, which will allow only 30 outstanding participants to advance in the selection process for the in-person activity on August 1st and 2nd, 2024, in an intensive workshop led by Stefano Fardelli (Italy) and members of the E.D.C. – EurAsia Dance Company at the Centro de las Artes in the city of San Luis Potosí. 
Who can participate and what categories are there? 
Mexican nationals, as well as foreigners from Central and South American nationalities residing in Mexico. Online pre-selection for in-person activity. “Youth Category” for participants aged 17 to 21. “Young Adult Category” for participants aged 22 to 29 
Why do other auditions limit the age range to 22 years and Eurasia Auditions on Tour doesn’t? 
In Europe, most academic programs set an age limit between 21 and 22 years. However, through EurAsia Auditions on Tour in the five continents, Stefano Fardelli has managed to extend the age of entry up to 29 years. This is because the network has highlighted the situation in the rest of the world where many artists start their professional career at a later age or after studying other university careers.
What does the scholarship I can obtain consist of? 
Our audition process provides participants with access to study programs without the need to travel abroad. In addition, selected participants will receive educational scholarships covering up to 80%, 50%, or 25% of the annual tuition costs over three years. THESE SCHOLARSHIPS WILL COME INTO EFFECT IN THE SCHOOL YEAR OF AUGUST 2025. This is to give selected individuals time to prepare for their trip and change of residence to Europe. Through the EurAsia Dance Project International Network, trades, guidance, and assistance will be provided for visa applications, allowing them to live, study, and work legally in Europe.
What other benefits do I get as a scholarship recipient? 
Once in Europe, the EurAsia Dance Project International Network provides economic incentives to outstanding dancers and facilitates collaboration in various school projects and residencies among schools and institutions associated with the Foundation. This offers them the opportunity to travel to different countries to participate in courses, competitions, and artistic production seasons in places like Poland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and the United Kingdom. For example, Lourdes Maldonado (Mex) carried out a residency at Studio Wayne McGregor in 2023, and this year Marco Hernández (Mex) will do it in 2024.
Which professional schools can I study with through Eurasia Auditions on Tour? 
Direct passes and scholarships will be granted to: 
1. Accademia Susanna Beltrami. DanceHaus Milan. Italy
2. CDSH – Contemporary Dance School Hamburg. Germany
3. DanceHaus Hip Hop Department Milan. Italy
4. Tanzakademie Balance 1 Berlin. Germany 
Is there a cost to participate in the audition? 
We have a participation fee for our pre-selection of 800 Mexican pesos which includes being considered in the four participating schools, which can be covered by online payment with a debit and/or credit card or bank transfer at the participant’s choice. The 30 selected participants to advance to the in-person activity will not have to make an additional payment for the in-person activity, they will only have to cover their transportation and accommodation expenses to the host city as it suits them.
How many scholarships will be awarded? 
A total of 12 scholarships will be awarded, meaning 40% of the selected attendees may benefit.
What do I need to submit for pre-selection? 
Make your participation fee payment as soon as possible to secure your spot; once done, you will receive two forms to fill out, which you will have until May 31st, 5:00 PM (Mexico City time) to complete. 
You must include: 
• Personal information (Name, Age, Nationality, Place of Residence, and email) • Brief artistic profile 
• Video (YouTube or Vimeo) of a single contemporary, modern, jazz, urban dance, or mixed technique lasting 2 to 4 minutes (may have slight edits). This video can be on stage or in a rehearsal room and does not necessarily need to be unpublished. Choose the best one you have or create a new one for this call! 
A summary of activity dates 
Launch of the call. April 16th, 2024
Call closure. May 30th, 2024
Deadline for uploading files and information. May 31st, 2024
Results publication on IG @fdrdance. June 5th, 2024
In-person workshop in SLP. August 1st and 2nd, 2024
Final results. August 2, 2024
Start of scholarships. School year August 2025
Who are or have been beneficiaries of Eurasia? 
Lourdes Maldonado (Jalisco) Graduated from CDSH Hamburg in 2023 
Marco Hernández (Cdmx) Graduated from DanceHaus Milan 
Jesus Rea (Bolivia) Graduated from DanceHaus Milan 
Lisa Torres (Mérida) About to graduate from CDSH Hamburg 
Luisa Rivas (EdoMex) In her 2nd year at CDSH Hamburg 
Jennifer Aguilar (Qro) In her 1st year at CDSH Hamburg 
Karenina Leirana (Mérida) In her 1st year at CDSH Hamburg   
Beneficiaries of other programs managed by FDR Dance: 
Estíbaliz Cordova Flores. InTranzyt Cia. Portugal 2024 
Jessica Noemí Hernández Vizcaíno. Institute of the Arts Barcelona 2024
Fernando Pérez Hernández. CDSH Hamburg 2024 
Randal Kenai Rosete Rosado. Institute of the Arts Barcelona 2024. 
Ana Salcido (Jalisco) Graduated from CDSH Hamburg in 2023 
Mariana Martínez (Slp) About to graduate from CDSH Hamburg 
Xavo Mart (Jalisco) About to graduate from CDSH Hamburg 

César Salas (Zacatecas) Graduated from CDSH Hamburg in 2020


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