EurAsia Repertory

EurAsia Dance Project International Network is also an exchange of Stefano Fardelli’s productions that from Asia travel to Europe and viceversa. 
The EurAsia Repertory is on tour in both continents, Europe & Asia, and is supported by the EurAsia Partners, by the Italian Embassies and Italian Cultural Institutes of the countries where the tour takes place.
The EurAsia Repertory include the following shows: 
– LINKS, (2016)
– “98288”, (2017) 
– Hugs in Space, (2017) 
– Ground Zero “S”, (2018)
 – HOLYland, (2019)
– HUMAN SYSTEM, (2020)

 GROUND ZERO “S”, (2018)

“98288”, (2017)

LINKS, (2016)