EurAsia Auditions

EurAsia is the first dance network ever that is taking care of the education, in the dance field, at the professional level, of the talents coming from all over the world, giving them the chance to proceed in this career. These talents come from countries where there does not exist any professional dance reality or academy, that can release a Diploma, internationally recognised. Doing this we also bring into the world the knowledge of the “west techniques” that are Ballet and Contemporary, both coming from Europe: these two techniques are the two main techniques used by all the biggest dance companies, theatres and dance realities of the world and so necessary for becoming a professional dancer. At the same time we take to Europe the knowledge of traditional dances, still unknown in our countries, from different and far regions of the planet.

The selections are divided as follows:

The EurAsia Auditions are on tour in Asia. The EurAsia Auditions On Tour take place in other continents after auditions have also been requested in the rest of the globe and therefore after the rapid expansion of EurAsia worldwide.