EurAsia Auditions

In the countries where Stefano Fardelli brings the EurAsia Auditions there is no at all, in some cases, or no enough good/correct knowledge, in other cases, of contemporary technique and ballet. These guys if they came to Europe to audition at our academies they would never be taken because of their technical level, which is too low. Thanks to the recognition of the work done by EurAsia, these young people can be selected in their regions and have not only the opportunity to start their artistic path but also to enter one of the best academies with a scholarship.   

The work of selection is not easy because Stefano Fardelli finds himself in front of very green bodies without any technique bases, but through a workshop, studying their quality of movement, the speed of learning, their physical and expressive skills, he chooses the young people to take to Europe and to whom to give the opportunity to become a EurAsia Student. Subsequently, their growth process is evaluated and followed by the individual academies that host the EurAsia Students. Based on the qualities that emerge during the three academic years, and also on the technical or growth needs that some of them require, Stefano Fardelli selects the guys for extra study and work opportunities provided by the EurAsia Partners.  

We support all students or professional dance artists regardless of geographical location, age or gender.