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Eurasia Dance Project International Network gives a 50% scholarship to all EurAsia Audition Winners. But even if the scholarship covers all academic fees, it is hard for students to bear the remaining costs which include tuition, flight tickets and other expenses. Hence, the students need external help through sponsors and crowd funding to help them achieve their dreams in the field of contemporary dance.   

The EurAsia Dance Project is supported by the Italian Cultural Institutes and Italian Embassies of all the countries involved in the project through the EurAsia Partners, by Innpact of Luxembourg and by privates too. EurAsia is responsible for providing the 50% scholarship to the students as well as the costs incurred by the Artistic Director. Thus the Project is self sufficient. 

The students however come from various economic backgrounds and it is hard for them to bear European costs.

Your funds will help the students in the following ways:

  1. To cover the remaining tuition fees for the dance courses through the EurAsia Prize. The EurAsia Students with big economical issues are awarded every year by Stefano Fardelli with cash prizes.
  2. International flight tickets from the home country to the respective country they will be studying in, through the EurAsia Prize. 
  3. Inter country flights to facilitate all the EurAsia Dance Opportunities in the professional world dance scene offered by the Artistic Director to the EurAsia Students & EurAsia Dancers every year.
  4. Cost of living (rent, food and miscellaneous expenses) in the country they are studying in through the EurAsia Prize. The EurAsia Students & EurAsia Dancers with big economical issues are awarded every year by Stefano Fardelli with cash prizes.  


The EurAsia Students & EurAsia Dancers selected from all five continents grant a combination of talent and hardworking: they not only bring their uniqueness to the dance scene but also a mix of their culture and art. Their dreams of dancing in front of the world are within their reach, but they need your help for that final push. Their biggest barrier is an economical one, which they can overcome with the help of community and well wishers. 

Your contribution today will go a long way in helping these dancers achieving their dreams and soaring to heights where only the sky is the limit.   


If you want to support the EurAsia Community, please use the following EurAsia bank details for making your donation:


Account Name: EurAsia Dance Project International Network


Bank Name: Intesa SanPaolo


Iban Code: IT39L0306909606100000167853




Thank you from all of us!

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