Final Eurasia Auditions on Tour in Mexico

Final Auditions Mexico The final EURASIA AUDITIONS ON TOUR IN MEXICO will run LIVE this December 2020 for all the participants already pre-selected last June 2020. This is a collaboration between EurAsia Dance Project International Network and the EurAsia Partner FDR Dance, Formal Dance Research of San Luis, Mexico.   EurAsia Dance Project International Network and the EurAsia Auditions are directed by Stefano Fardelli, who will select aspiring contemporary and hip hop dance students for a three year professional program in DanceHaus (Italy), CDSH (Germany), DanceHaus Hip Hop Department (Italy), The Danish Talent Academy (Denmark), Europe.   All the audition winners will be awarded with a 50% Scholarship for all the three / four year program and will become part of the EurAsia Network as EurAsia Students first & EurAsia Dancers then, with Partners and dancers coming from all over the world.   Here are the names of the students allowed to be part of the final EurAsia Auditions On Tour in Mexico on the 18th – 19th and 20th of December 2020:   Aidee Zamora Arturo Mendoza Bryan Basantes Diana Moreno Edgar Bocanegra Gabriela Retes Jesus Rea Joaquin Hernandez Lisa Torres Michelle Valadez Natalia Quezada Natalia Barragan Rebeca Espinosa Regina Del Valle Sofia Vargas Valeria Perez Vanessa Dominguez Wendy Yeh Anivdelab Ponce Fernanda Cervantes Ixhel Altamirano Mariana Lopez   APPLY FOR THE NEXT EURASIA AUDITIONS 2021 HERE: