Artistic Director

Stefano Fardelli is the EurAsia Dance Project International Network’s Artistic Director from the 2016, year of foundation of the project.

Stefano Fardelli founded EurAsia in 2016 during his first collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai and one partner, DanceHaus of Milan, sending the first EurAsia Student from India to Italy and taking some time to understand how the project could evolve.

In 2017 he signed the agreement with CDSH of Hamburg, the second partner. Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 he formalized the project adding a third partner from India. Today EurAsia has more than 20 EurAsia Partners between Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and America quite different between them, but with a strong professional profile, becoming one of the biggest dance networks ever!  

The Artistic Director created the EurAsia Network as his goal is to give the chance to more students from all over the world to have a professional training and so to help them in starting this career at the international level.

Photo by Reuven Halevi

Stefano’s productions, on tour all over the globe, are supported in Europe by Ass. Cult. Pindoc Onlus and DanceHaus which both are supported by the Italian Government. In Asia his productions are supported by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura & Italian Embassy.

Stefano Fardelli, born in Italy on the 28/10/83, is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Artistic Director of EurAsia Dance Project International Network. He gets his degree at M.A.S. Academy in Milan; he then continues his studies in other choreographic centers in Europe. Among his international collaborations the Berlin Opera, BBC, The Place, Royal Filand Opera, Les Gens d’Uterpan, English National Opera, Cie Twain etc..

Choreographer of “Chi sei?” for the Milan Conservatory in collaboration with the Brera Art Accademy. Creates his solo Svarupa-vyakta selected for international festivals (Anticorpi XL 2014 in Italy, Maidans Lorenskog Dance Festival 2015 in Norway, Huesca Theatre International Dance Festival 2015 in Spain, Avayava Festival 2016 in India etc….) and winner of the 2’ prize at Gdansk International Festival Solo Dance Contest 2014 in Poland. Author, choreographer of the dance videos Day Off and Dear Sofia: the first video selected for international festivals (Spontaneous Combustion Festival 2013 in London, Footprint Dance Festival 2014 in London etc…) and winner of the Special Mention at Il Coreografo Elettronico 2011 in Naples, the second video opened the Gdansk International Festival 2015 in Poland, selected for the Official Selection International Videodance Festival of Chile 2015, Kgaf 2016 in Mumbai (India) and others.

Photo by Agiljolie

The creation of Namu has been commissioned first by the Gdansk International Festival 2015 and danced by 20 dancers in Poland and then has been commissioned by CRM, Accademia Nazionale Di Danza and Accademia Santa Cecilia of Rome for a solo.

Links is danced by 45 dancers during an Indian tournèe in the 2016 with a European Premiere for Festival Exister 2017 in Milan. The piece Foreigners in collaboration with the Norwegian choreographer, Tone M. Kittelsen is supported also by Performing Arts Hub of Norway.

2017 is the year of the creation Hugs in Space for the National Gallery of Modern Art of Bengaluru and “98288” both pieces danced by 60 dancers, and the duet From “I” to “A” By Eleven Movements danced by Stefano and an Indian dancer followed by GroundZero“S” on the 2018 again for 45 dancers.

In 2019 he creates the solo “The Not Seen” in Tehran for an Iranian dancer and “HOLYland” for the DanceHaus Junior Dance Company commissioned by DanceHaus Piu´and MilanOltre Festival 2019 on tour in Europe and Asia.

“Human System” is created in 2020 for 25 dancers in Germany with the world premiere on tour in Hamburg. The new piece, part of the EurAsia Repertory directed by Stefano Fardelli, has been commissioned by CDSH of Hamburg.

In 2010 he works as an actor with Hollywood director Mike Figgis in England. In 2014 he debuts on the big screen in a leading role in L’Estate Sta Finendo movie. Protagonist in short films, works as a model, dancer for television, commercials and international videoclips in USA and Europe.

He teaches Feldenkrais technique and Contemporary dance for the biggest festivals, theatres, professional centres and companies in all the five continents.

In 2011 he is selected by the Italian Government among the young talents who will represent Italy in the world.