Since 2016, the EurAsia Dance Project International Network has expanded its commitment supporting talents through education and research programs in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and America.

Improving quality of life is a key focus for the Network.

We have increased our impact around the world through our more than 100 events every year: access to education also means knowledge, income, and health.

The EurAsia Auditions are often on tour in the poorest and most dangerous countries of the globe in order to give a chance to all those kids who share our same passion.

Your donation will help them to fight for a better life and to fulfill their dream of becoming professional dancers through the first network ever that combines art, human rights, education, safeguarding the cultural heritage and creating the first generation of contemporary professional dancers in many countries of the world.

Your donations will give voice to those souls that are just waiting for someone to help them fulfill their dreams. The limits of these people are in the socio-religious-economic issues due to their origins.

EurAsia supports them regardless of geographical location, religion, age or genre.

Make your donation for supporting a talent here below, click on one of the following options:

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When sending your donation please write us a message and ask us to send you a photo of the student receiving the donation: with the photo we will also tell you what your support was used for.


Thank you very much, from all the EurAsia Community, for your help!

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