girish kumar Rachappa

Girish Kumar Rachappa turned into a EurAsia Dancer in July 2020 becoming a Professional Dancer and a member of the EurAsia Dance Company, after getting his Diploma in the dance field.

Girish was selected as EurAsia Student in India winning the 50% EurAsia Scholarship for the three year professional program at CDSH, Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2017 he has been supported by EurAsia both economically and artistically, with several dance opportunities in order to drive him into the international professional dance career.

Girish is a beautiful dancer, he has grown a lot in the past years, proving his great talent and also maturing in the creative field, starting his professional career already at high levels.

The EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar started his dance education in India with the two year Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts of Bengaluru. There he was selected by Stefano Fardelli for EurAsia Dance Project International Network and awarded with the 50% EurAsia Scholarship for the three year professional program at Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in Germany as a EurAsia Student.

During his studying in Hamburg, the guy has been selected for the two weeks EurAsia Students Exchange in DanceHaus of Milan, Italy, and for a ten days artistic residency at Studio Wayne McGregor of London, where he also had the opportunity to study and to rehearse with Company Wayne McGregor.

After the Diploma, in July 2020, he was selected for Gdansk Solo Dance Contest in Poland with his solo Sanatana.

Among the companies and choreographers he has been collaborating with are Dancingbeasts Company in Hamburg, Ingjerd Solheim, Deep.Dance and Jascha Viehstädt, Suse Tietjen and more.

Girish was also teaching regular Floorwork technique at Contemporary Dance School Hamburg from January 2021.

He got funding for a new creation called “Trust your gut” from DIS-TANZEN funding program supported by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

In 2022 Girish was a part of a new EurAsia´s project called Crossroads #inhabitingtheworld that will take him on a worldwide tour for a new dance piece.

Currently, he is dancing with the dance company, Tanz Kassel of Staatstheater Kassel.



Since September 2022, Girish has joined the company of the Staatstheater Kassel, Germany, as a permanent dancer, with a repertoire every year created by internationally renowned choreographers.

“DAWN AND DAY” by Sita Ostheimer
(Sleeping Beauty | A Bela Adormecida)

Tanz Kassel

Choreographer and staging: Sita Ostheimer
Stage: Sibylle Pfeiffer
Costume: Irina Bartels
Light design : Barnaby Booth Dance
Sound design: Vimala Music
Rehearsal directer: Tillmann Becker
Dramaturgy: Silke Meier Brösicke, Thorsten Teubl

Artistic director: EurAsia Dancer  Girish Kumar Rachappa 
Co-Creation and Performers: Ingjerd Solheim, Maria Paz Garcia
Dramaturgy: EurAsia Member Fernando Domínguez
Production assistant:  EurAsia Dancer Akshatha Ramesh
Photo and video: Mayur Revanna
Music: HaoWu 
Supported by: EurAsia Dance Project International Network
– prāṇa – 
We breathe, 
We breathe constantly and unconsciously.
The average adult takes about 16 breaths per minute. That is 20.000 breaths per day and about 600 million breaths in a lifetime. 
Humans create patterns and rhythms unconsciously; the way they move, think, sleep, respond, walk, laugh and cry. Similarly, breath has a rhythm. When experiencing different emotions the rhythm of the breath changes. Anxiousness causes rapid breathing and a strain in the voice. Happiness creates a slow and steady breath and a cheerful tone in the voice.
When three dancers use voice and breath as an influence to their bodies what happens in terms of their volume, rhythm and quality? How can one body influence the other? 
Three bodies enter into an unknown space hoping to start a life in it. A space that has emotions and thoughts, and is being very protective of itself. Before allowing these bodies to live in it, it tests them in unusual ways to see if they can belong. We are following their journey as they face the challenges of the space and their attempt to understand and integrate into this new world.
prāṇa is a product of the research project “Trust Your Gut”. It questions how breath and voice can influence the physical structure of the body, the mind and emotions. It explores how it can open up the different dimensions in relation to space.
Artistic Direction and Choreography: Girish Kumar Rachappa 
Dance and creation: Deborah Dalla Valle, Ingjerd Solheim, Julien Müller
Dramaturgy: Stefano Fardelli
Photo and video: Amin Bahremand 
Music: Pimon Lekler
Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, DIS-TANZEN aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and supported by EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, and CDSH-Contemporary Dance School Hamburg.
Cover Photo by Florian Ziemen


Our EurAsia Dancers Anand Dhanakoti, Girish Kumar & Damini Gairola, originally from India are part of the project COSMICBODIES.

Harmonize with chemicals. Staying asymmetrical, but finding order. Transform. Vibrating. Speaking planetary languages Breathe. Confuse “human” with your smell organs. Shivering. Touch. Feel if the rock is a rock or an alien.

In COSMICBODIES, seven dancing bodies draw from the horror and sci-fi genres, science discourse, pop and subculture to win an intimate body language. The images of the piece move through the space time of the sound inner world of your body to the sound outer space. Outer and inner space are tipping and moving inside each other, while the memory of our mother’s advice is found in photographs, which is bound to black holes.

There are friction, conflict and potentials of new bodies and new behaviours of the relationship between bodies. Out of this earthly and “human” past, rapidly reproducing polybride monstrous bodies emerge with new abilities, protective mechanisms, constellations, functions, body parts, expansions and movements, a kind of cosmic ch political humanoid subject.

Artistic direction & choreography: Ursina Tossi
Co-Choreography & Dance: Anand Dhanakoti, Damini Gairola, Girish Kumar, Huentin Yeung, Rykema, Rykena , Ursina Tossi
Drama: Zwoisy Mearsclarke
Sound : Johtke
Light: The Power of Lars
Stage: Raphaela Andrade 
Costume: Nina Divitschek 
Costume Assistant: Daniela Treisigacker
Assistance: Nona Siepmann 
Production and Press: SLIPPERS
Photography: Polina Alexandra
Diffusion: LEAD Productions


EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar was working on his solo in San Luis Potosí as a part of Crossroads #inhabitingtheworld, a cultural exchange program brought by EurAsia Dance Project International Network, EurAsia Partner DANCEHAUSpiú (Italy), EurAsia Partner MilanOltre Festival (Italy), EurAsia Partner FDR Dance (Mexico), in collaboration with La Sfera Danza – International Dance Festival (Italy), Compagnia Petranuradanza / Megakles Ballet (Italy), and supported by MIC, Italian Ministry of Culture of Rome.

Girish had two weeks artistic residency, for creating a solo hosted by FDR Dance, in collaboration with the local musician Ricardo Cruz. Both of them have been mentored by the EurAsia Member Fernando Dominguez during the artistic process.

Fux | Ursina Tossi | Wien 

Our EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar, originally from India, is one of the performers of FUX on tour in Vienna this week.

How do we want to live together? asks Fux. Ursina Tossi understands the methods of barrier removal as artistic means and thus starts at the core of a new orientation in the inclusive dance and theatre sector. The artist thus combines her political as well as artistic claim to break with traditional visual habits and replace them with new, fresh arrangements and aesthetics.

Künstlerische Leitung & Choreografie: Ursina Tossi
Dramaturgie: Uta Engel
Tanz: Amanda Romero Canepa, Sophia Neises, EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar. R, Cliff Huen Yeung, EurAsia Dancer Damini Gairola
Audiodeskription: Carolin Jüngst
Bühne: Lea Kissing
Kostüm: Nina Divitschek
Sound: Johannes Miethke
Video: Friederike Höppner
Lichtdesign: Ricarda Schnoor
Assistenz & Social Media: Sina Rundel
Produktion & Kommunikation: Stückliesel
Access & Workshops: Dorothee de Place


How breathing techniques and voice can influence the physical structure of the body, the nervous system, respiratory system and emotions? As well as exploring how it can open up the different dimensions in relation to space, vocals, rhythm in the body and create a deeper connection between them using a somatic approach are the questions, goals and the topics approached by the EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar in creating this new piece of him.

The dance project that will be danced by three dancers, and on tour internationally, is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, DIS-TANZEN aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and supported by EurAsia Dance Project International Network directed by Stefano Fardelli.

Trust Your Gut will have a research – rehearsal process 8 months long. The premiere is planned in Hamburg, Germany, before touring also through the EurAsia Partners.

The dancer and choreographer Girish Kumar, originally from India, is in Europe and part of EurAsia from 2017.

– Moving Imaginative Bodies –

Our EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar, originally from India, is one of the performers & teaching staff of the Interactive Open Dance Rehearsals lead by the Mexican choreographer Yolanda Morales based in Hamburg, Germany.

2021: 500 years of Mexican colonial history. Choreographer Yolanda Morales uses this occasion to give an insight into the process of her new dance piece “HORSES”. Moving Imaginative Bodies is a series of interactive, open rehearsals that explores the power symbol of the horse. Because: the commanders always came on horseback.

Participants will work with dancers and a singer to explore the relationship between horse memorials, monuments, and animals as well as somatic movements. Yolanda Morales and her team want to put themselves into imaginative bodies and give free rein to the imagination in practical reflective workshops. We would like to explicitly invite beginners and people with hearing impairments. A sign language interpreter will be present.

During rehearsals, participants will learn excerpts from “HORSES” and rethink the power symbolism of the horse in both static and living moving form. The series Moving Imaginative Bodies thus becomes part of the creative process and gives the opportunity to get to know the thematic focuses and working methods of the choreographer. A new perspective on the dance piece emerges.


Teaching staff: @emilielundlc @aliciatuskolitas @ girishkumar_8 @ sujin.92.1 @daminigairola

📸 @G2baraniak

Live Sound: @thordismmeyer

Suported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Media Commissionersteel Künste with funds from the Federal Media Commissioner

by Fernanda Ortiz

»RADICAL DANCE SERIES« was an interactive choreographies in Hamburg’s urban space. Dancing bodies invite passers-by to explore the subversive potential of movement together, which is hidden inside the city.

RADICAL DANCE SERIES is a project by Fernanda Ortiz in cooperation with @ k3.tanzplan. @westwerk_hamburg #gängeviertel and #museumderarbeit @histmuseenhh

Supported by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture.