World premiere - India - June 2017

 98288 is choreographed for 60 dancers. The piece has been commissioned by Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts of Bangalore and supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai, India. 

“98288” it is not only a “number” but it is actually a “name”.

During the Second World War the german army has imprisoned thousands of hebrews in the prisons called Concentration Camps. In this camps the german soldiers deprived the prisoners of their names giving them a number that was printed on their skin for all the rest of their life.

Stefano Fardelli, with this piece, does not want to talk about the war and about what happened in the concentration camps but he is focusing the project on the theme of the “discrimination” and also in the sequences we play with the massive number of dancers on stage inspired by the massive number of jews that are always present in the pictures of that time.

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