fresco for 8 dancers in 10 minutes

German premiere - Berlin - March 2022

FRESCO FOR 8 DANCERS IN 10 MINUTES has been commissioned by EurAsia Partner Balance1 of Berlin in 2021.
Stefano Fardelli distances himself from aggressive political actions and violence, atrocities that at this time, in many countries of the world, powerful people are letting happen.

By putting together a multicultural cast for Fresco 8 dancers / 10 minutes (the whole EurAsia Project being multicultural, because its goal is precisely to unite people and share knowledge) the piece aims to be a non-violent protest, whose only protagonist will be Art through its freedom of expression and without prejudice.

A fresco where bodies, taking shapes and filling the space, considering the same proportions used to position the various subjects in the paintings, become the spokespersons of the message of peace and equality expressed by Max Richter’s soundtrack and set the rythm on stage.
Many frescoes have inspired the creative process that wants to remind everyone what is written in the document released in 1948 within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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