ground zero "s"

Indian premiere - Bangalore - June 2018

Ground Zero “S” has been commissioned and supported by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts of Bangalore and Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai, India. 
Ground Zero “S” is inspired by the terrible events happening in Syria and in a sort of way it wants to be a dedication to that country and people living this war over there. 
The choreography research for this production is based on the physicality of the people in this specific moment of their life, the geography of those places and the colours of the atmosphere and the sky created by the bombs and the smog.
The piece does not want to take sides politically but remain neutral, as it is not telling any story but it is based on the pictures of Syria that Stefano Fardelli was inspired by. Looking at the people running on the streets, the bodies on the floor, the march of the soldiers, the collapsed buildings, the smog created by the bombs Stefano found the code of the piece and following the suggestions of the images he worked on the quality of the movement, the mood of the piece, the colour of the costumes and the spaces that the dancers use in the sequences.
In somehow he would like to transfer the same images he found and he worked with, through the stage and the dance, to the audience that sitting in the theatre can maybe see what he has seen through his eyes:
Idea and choreography: Stefano Fardelli 
Choreographer personal assistant: Maitreyee Joshi 
Commissioned by: Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts of Bangalore
Supported by: Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai 
Costumes and scenography: Stefano Fardelli 
Music: original music and: Improvisations – Olafur Arnalds Supermarine – Hans Zimmer Veil of Time – Max Cooper Mind Heist Evolution – Zack Hemsey 
Props: Samyuktha Manogram, Hari Prasad, Henna Raisinghani, Nidhi Baadkar, Tejas Pardeshi, Monica Agarwal, Chandana Phadkule, Maitreyee Josh. 
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