Human system

German premiere - Hamburg - July 2020

“Human System” has been commissioned by EurAsia Partner Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in Germany and danced by 25 CDSH´s dancers.  
Human System, or better Human System 2020, is choreographed by Stefano Fardelli for the EurAsia Repertory in collaboration with the italian musician Francesco Ziello.

The choreography is inspired by the limits urged by the international crisis that hit us all because of Covid-19.

The choreographer does not want to focus on the Coronavirus pandemic itself:
he has used the conditions imposed by this event to create the key points on which the work develops.
The lockdown, the social, physical, spatial limits and therefore the new trajectories created by our movements have given life to the dynamics of the dancers, like planets following their orbits without ever meeting.

All of us create orbits – every time we walk, move, run, or drive: and if these orbits remained visible, like the wake of a motorboat on the water, they would give us the opportunity to leave a trace of our past.
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