World premiere - India - June 2016

The piece Links has been commissioned by Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts of Bangalore and supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai, India

A residency in Bangalore, India. 

The choreographer in this piece has been inspired by the electric cables cutting the sky of the indian towns, connecting the buildings between them and also, somehow, the lives of the people living there.

In the same way he is using many cords, with different colours, that cross the space recreating the same indian atmosphere, giving the audience the sensation to be inside an abstract sketch drawn in another dimension: like a 3D movie.

The dancers will first experience what it means to stay in those spaces recreated by the cords. Then they will improve the meaning of “links”, using their body as “link” and connecting themselves in different ways.

We always think of ourselves as single persons, nationalities, cultures or even planets, special and separated from the rest of the world….forgetting that we are actually coming from the same place and that, somehow, our lives and our worlds are connected all the time through invisible links.  

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