MilanOltre 2023

MILANoLTRE FESTIVAL, our partner in Italy, is supporting the community of EurAsia Dance Project International Network based in Milan taking them to the theatre and giving them the opportunity to join the cultural events, performances & shows part of the festival, running from September 28th till October 15th.


A dancer must have an active and critical mind that is only cultivated by nurturing the culture of students by stimulating them to cultural exchange, reading and viewing performances or art works.


As of this year, EurAsia & MILANoLTRE have agreed in offering EurAsia Students & Dancers in Milan the opportunity to watch festival performances by international companies present on the world dance scene.


The Network and its Partners are constantly working to support more and more the talents that make up the now large EurAsia community with dancers coming from all five continents.

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