EurAsia Dance Project International Network firmly believes in “freedom” and “respect” and therefore supports, not only during Pride month, but all year round the LGBT community in the countries where EurAsia operates around the world, in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and America.

EurAsia Dance Project International Network not only trains talents from all over the world in dance at a professional level, giving them the opportunity to pursue this career, but also has the ambition to combine art, human rights, education, cultural heritage in one big project involving hundreds of different people, different cultures and many countries on all five continents.

Helping youth in their professional and personal change is the lifeblood of EurAsia, removing barriers to career progression, enabling career sustainability and creating long-term dance opportunities.

EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, selects dancers regardless of their sexual orientation and therefore without any discrimination in this regard.

We support all students or professional dance artists regardless of geographic location, age or gender, helping them to overcome the limitations imposed and not shared by a “free choice of the individual” by socio-religious-economic issues due to their origins.

In the first picture, EurAsia Student Marco Hernandez, originally from America and currently having his three years professional dance program in Italy.

In the second picture, EurAsia Student Arezoo Arabzadeh, originally from Middle East and currently having his three years professional dance program in Italy.

In the third picture, EurAsia Student Fatima Attie, originally from Africa.

In the fourth picture, EurAsia Dancer Anand Dhanakoti, originally from India, Asia.

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