A new article by the newspaper The Times of India focused on OMMANIPADMEHUM’s tour in Kolkata, the new piece created and directed by Stefano Fardelli.

The piece has been commissioned by EurAsia Partner Kolkata Centre for Creativity, India, in collaboration with EurAsia Partner DANCEHAUSpiú of Milan, and Berlin Dance Institute in Germany.

The tour in India has been supported by Italian Embassy and Italian Cultural Institute of Delhi and the General Consulate of Italy in Kolkata, India.

Om-mani-padme-hum which in Sanskrit literally means “honouring the lotus jewel”, focuses on the history and rituals of the Tibetan Buddhists of the Yellow Hat Order with a particular focus on their connection to the Shaolin monks and thus the study of their training.

Dancers: Umberto Gesi (Italy), Tejaswini Loundo (India), Marco Hernandez (Mexico), Jesus Rea (Bolivia).
Original music by: Francesco Ziello
Rehearsal assistant: Jesus Rea
Costume designer: Marco Hernandez (De La Croix)
Filmmaking by: Salvatore Lazzaro
Visual artist: Matteo Bittante
Photography by: Salvatore Lazzaro and Antonino Dimondo