Yashasvi Shrotriya turned into EurAsia Dancer in July 2020 becoming a professional dancer and a member of the EurAsia Dance Company, after getting his Diploma in the dance field.

Yash has been selected as EurAsia Student in India winning the 50% EurAsia Scholarship for the three year professional program at CDSH, Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2017 he has been supported by EurAsia both economically and artistically, with several dance opportunities in order to drive him into the international professional dance career.

Yashasvi is a strong performer and a beautiful dancer with a powerful energy. He has grown a lot in the past years, proving his great talent starting his professional career already at high levels.

The EurAsia Dancer Yashasvi Shrotriya started his dance education in India with the two year Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts of Bengaluru. There he was selected by Stefano Fardelli for EurAsia Dance Project International Network and awarded with the 50% EurAsia Scholarship for the three year professional program at Contemporary Dance School Hamburg in Germany as EurAsia Student.

During his study period at Hamburg, he was selected for the two weeks EurAsia Students Exchange in DanceHaus of Milan, Italy, and for a ten days artistic residency at Studio Wayne McGregor of London, having the opportunity to study and to rehearse with Company Wayne McGregor too.

After the Diploma, in July 2020, he was selected for a few commercial and music projects both in Germany and Denmark.

Currently he is working in Holland with Het Houten Huis Peergroup and Wabi Sabi in a physical theatre production called “There is nothing to get here” as a dancer & actor.


HIER VALT NIETS THE HALEN by Wabi Sabi and Peergroup Company

Yashasvi in Hier Valt Niets The Halen for Wabi Sabi & Peergroup Company, performed at the Der aa Festival in Holland.

KERN by Isabelle Nelson

Yashasvi Shrotriya dancing for Kern, a project by Isabelle Nelson in Holland.

ROEST by Eliën

The EurAsia Dancer Yashasvi Shrotriya as a part of the music artist Elien’s music video in the role of choreographer and dancer.

Music by Eliën

Dance Yashavi Shrotriya | Muziek Élénie Wagner (Eliën), Daniël van der Duim, Jacqueline Djohar | Concept & Regie Davey Bakker, Élénie Wagner | Creative producer Vivian Selman | Cinematografie Davey Bakker | Kostuum, Haar & Make-up Élénie Wagner | Mixing & Mastering Wessel Oltheten | Montage & Grading Davey Bakker | Produced by Zuhause

Special thanks to:
Bestuur Stichting Zuhause
Brebl Nijmegen

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