gent india dans festival 2023

Gent India Dans Festival is a Belgium based Indian dance festival curated by EurAsia Member Swapnil Dagliya & organised in association with our Partner Shoonya Dance Centre and ABC, a Bollywood Dance Company.

Everyone who is interested in learning more about the numerous facets of Indian dance and culture is welcome to attend the GIDF, a festival devoted to Indian dance arts.

At GIDF2023 will run dance classes led by eminent guest artists, highlight regional and international talent through live performances, and host community gatherings at our parties. We have a team of enthusiastic teachers and performers who will lead you through the festival in a welcoming setting so that we can all learn new things and develop as a community. The #gentindiadansfestival2023 is a great place to meet new dancers, be inspired, and have a great time.

EurAsia Dancer Girish Kumar has been invited to teach Indian contemporary dance at the festival, which will take place from May 5 to 7, 2023.





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