Stefano Fardelli founded EurAsia Dance Project International Network in 2016 during his first collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Mumbai and one EurAsia Partner, DanceHaus of Milan directed by Susanna Beltrami, sending the first EurAsia Student from India to Italy and taking some time to understand how the project could evolve.

In 2017 the EurAsia Artistic Director signed the agreement with CDSH of Hamburg, second partner of the project. Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 he formalized the project adding a third EurAsia Partner from Asia. Today, the project can count more than 20 EurAsia Partners from all five continents, quite different one from the other, but with a strong professional profile.

All the EurAsia Partners have one annual fixed commitment with EurAsia that they should ensure and support: but as the network is so vast, the events planned together and the events involving the partners are more than one every year. 

The partners are involved in the EurAsia Teaching Exchanges, EurAsia Dance Award Jury, Shows, Creations, Artistic Residencies and more, all over the world.

There is no specific annual fee to be paid for being part of the EurAsia: each partner is taking care of the specific events organized in its own country. 

For all the EurAsia Events happening in all the countries where EurAsia is based all Partners are granted full visibility.

Being an official EurAsia Partner means that the partner becomes the landmark of EurAsia in its own country, and so all the dancers will approach that institution in order to attend the EurAsia Events.  

The EurAsia Artistic Director and all the EurAsia Partners have the common aim to create a new future for the talents coming from their countries, based on the meeting and the sharing of different cultures, in order to give birth to a new way to make dance and art in the world through one of the biggest dance network ever.