EurAsia VideoDance Contest 2020

The 2020 EURASIA VIDEODANCE CONTEST edition is titled “Stay Home” and has been inspired by these days of pandemic. All participants were invited to use their own home as the stage for their creativity & performances, in order to find a positive point in the task of “Staying Home”. The contest is open to dancers and choreographers of any origins.                                 


TOPIC & IDEA: Living within the walls of our house we can be inspired to explore these limited spaces that give vent to our lives. By observing our daily lives and playing with our bodies in the empty and non-empty spaces of the different rooms, we can create sequences of movement that, mixed with our moods and sensations arising from today’s events, may give life to new creations and real stories: who can forget “Enter Achilles or Dead Dream Of Monochrome Men by the DV8” or “Rosas Danst Rosas by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker”? And many more too!

This was a new EurAsia Event aimed to help the EurAsia Students & Dancers who were fighting this battle against the COVID-19 like all of us. Since we all had to stay at home, also our EurAsia Students & Dancers in Europe, far from their families and relatives, living in precarious economic conditions, could not continue to work as usual.

In order to help them and so to support their lives during this sad period EurAsia´s Artistic Director Stefano Fardelli launched this EURASIA VIDEODANCE CONTEST open to dancers and choreographers from all over the world.

The call expired on June 30th 2020 and the applications have been accepted only upon receipt of a free donation, starting from a base of 5 Euros, which will be fully donated and divided among the EurAsia Students & Dancers with greater difficulties.

The International Competition is organized by EURASIA DANCE PROJECT INTERNATIONAL NETWORK directed by Stefano Fardelli. 



The Contest received videos from all the five continents, from all the EurAsia´s countries but also from places where EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, does not have bases yet, like Australia or South America.

The EurAsia Artistic Director, the Contest´s Jury and all the EurAsia Team would like to THANK all the participants for the great energy and the good general level of the proposals:
we really hope to see you again next year for the next edition of the EurAsia VideoDance Contest.

EurAsia VideoDance Contest 2020 has been supported by Italian Embassy & Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta in Indonesia, Italian Embassy of Yangon in Myanmar, Indonesian Dance Film Festival DancEmotion of Indonesia, by both Eurasia Partners Gdansk International Dance Festival and Krakow Choreographic Center from Poland, DanzaSi Magazine from Italy.


THE SELECTED VIDEOS and so the choreographers / dancers ARE AWARDED WITH:

– 1st prize: the choreographer / dancer selected for the first prize will be invited at the Gdansk International Dance Festival, in Poland, for the screening of his / her selected video. The Festival will offer at the winner a fee, flights and accommodation for the commitment.

– 2nd prize: the selected video dance projects will be screened at the Krakow Choreographic Center and Gdansk International Dance Festival, in Poland.

– the 1st selected video will have the chance to be screened at the Krakow Choreographic Center as well

– 1° and 2° prize selected videos in additional to other projects selected for the EurAsia Network will have the chance to be screened at the Italian Cultural Institute´s Auditorium of Jakarta, in Indonesia, along with other locations in all the five continents through the EurAsia Partners

– all the screening will happen within the end of 2021 – 2022



1° PRIZE (random order):

– Threesome by Nyko Piscopo
– The Lukat by Kitapoleng, Indonesia
– 24,42 by Matteo Bittante

2° PRIZE (random order):

– 24,42 by Matteo Bittante
– Silk Bodies by Natalia Quezada
– The Lukat by Kitapoleng, Indonesia
– Look Forward by Dimar Dance Theatre

SPECIAL PRIZES given by EurAsia’s Artistic Director (random order):

– I See by Arman Partovi
– Resilient Love by Jimmi Ko Ko

The Jury was considering the main topic of the Contest and the technical level / quality of the proposals but also the creative aspect along with the culture and social background the choreographers come from.

In addition to this the EurAsia´s Artistic Director had to consider the various cultures the contest is dealing with: the lockdown in Europe is certainly not perceived as a lockdown in South Asia for example and so It is equally important to understand the different lifestyles we are facing with.




EurAsia VideoDance Contest 2020 is supported by Italian Embassy of Indonesia and Myanmar and by the Italian Cultural Center of Jakarta.