Exister 2020

Exister 2020 EURASIA VIDEODANCE CONTEST in ITALY with EXISTER 2020   On 17th & 24th of October 2020, the first and second prize winners of EurAsia VideoDance Contest, directed by Stefano Fardelli will be screened for the opening of Exister Contemporary Dance Festival 2020 of Milan, Italy. The projects “The Lukat” by Kitapoleng, “Look Forward” by Dimar Dance Theatre, both from Indonesia, and “24,42” by Matteo Bittante from Italy, will be shown at 8pm in DanceHaus of Milan. EurAsia VideoDance Contest 2020 has been supported by Italian Embassy & Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta in Indonesia, Italian Embassy of Yangon in Myanmar, Indonesian Dance Film Festival DancEmotion of Indonesia, by both Eurasia Partners Gdansk International Dance Festival and Krakow Choreographic Center from Poland, DanzaSi Magazine from Italy.   Book your spot here: www.exister.it   For more info, mail to: eurasia@eurasiadanceproject.com