Athens Digital Arts Festival, in Greece, selected one of the videos part of Art Heritage Exchange: special project born by the collaboration between the EurAsia Partner DanceHaus of Milan and EurAsia Dance Project International Network.

The chosen video is GOLTAM, created and danced by the Iranian artist Ideh Abootalebi; the piece has been shot in the Iranian desert.

The Greek Festival will be held from May 24th till 28th, in Athens, Greece.

From November 2020, along with Ideh Abootalebi, other 60 dancers among the DanceHaus & EurAsia students, coming from all over the world, worked online, directed by Susanna Beltrami, Stefano Fardelli and Lorenzo Conti, on an international exchange project around the concept and meaning of the word “classic”, together with special guests and cultural professionals.

For the premiere, all the 10 participating countries connected through Zoom. The final results of this collective work were finally presented with live performances and video productions curated by the participants!

The video promo was curated by Salvatore Lazzaro.

Through “lectio magistralis” held by the following international experts in the university and art fields, dancers & artists had the opportunity to refine their definitions and examples of classicism in the various forms of arts of their original cultures.

An exciting exchange and construction of a unique puzzle consisting of music, costumes, images, writings, and places for “creation”.

Art Heritage Exchange’s Special Guests:

Raam Kumar from India, Michele Tadini from Italy, Stefano Tummolini from Italy, Reena Dewan from India, Dilip Loundo from Brazil, Sandro Dandria from Italy.

The project aimed to improve support for cultural activities, adapting to new boundaries related to pandemic response such as social distancing. It also explored new ways to support such exchanges through virtual mobility.

EurAsia Dance Project International Network is directed by Stefano Fardelli.

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