E.D.C.-EurAsia Dance Company is just back from its tour in India and the premiere of Svarupa & Vyakta, the new piece created and directed by Stefano Fardelli: soon E.D.C. will announce the new dates and venues of the tour that will take the company and the EurAsia Repertory around the world.

For starting this new adventure with us, a special thank to EurAsia Partners Kolkata Centre for Creativity in India and DANCEHAUSpiú of Milan, Italian Cultural Institute of Delhi and the General Consulate of Italy in Kolkata, India.

Svarupa-vyakta is a historical piece of Stefano Fardelli’s repertoire, a highly successful solo that toured the world between 2014 and 2019, danced by Stefano Fardelli himself, and that is now staged again for a duet and two dancers of the E.D.C. company, with the new title Svarupa & Vyakta.

Svarupa-vyakta is a solo inspired by a trip to India and means “Self” in Sanskrit in two different ways as different will be the dialectic created between the dancers and the five balloons, which represent the projection of the “Self” in another dimension.

Dancers: Marco Hernandez (Mexico), Jesus Rea (Bolivia).

Original music by: Francesco Ziello

Music: Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water by Ben Frost

Rehearsal Assistant: Jesus Rea

Costume Designer: Marco Hernandez (De La Croix)

Photography by: Karim Rahmann

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